Naval Architecture Plan Approval


    Plan approval of design forms part of all new-building contracts and is the basis for Classification and Flag State Certification. Plan approval includes a thorough evaluation of all main drawings, scantlings, systems and installations to ensure that the design meets the operational requirements and complies with International, Flag State and Classification Regulations.

    FAITH Marine's experienced team provide the full range of plan approval services ensuring that the builders comply with the intent of the new building contract and that the owner is protected throughout. We undertake a detailed examination of the design and plans to ensure best industry practice is followed in producing a safe and efficient vessel.

    Our detailed examination ensures:-

  • Design complies with contract specification, shipyard standards and statutory requirements
  • The design is fit for purpose, including operation and maintenance
  • Quality of the design meets the Owner's expectations
  • Over complexity is removed from the design during design development
  • Early identification of potential build problems
  • Identification of areas that will require additional supervision focus
  • All correspondence and drawings are monitored, managed and controlled throughout the process