New Building Supervision

    Our Naval Architects, Marine Engineers and diplomates provide comprehensive and in depth New Build Supervision for Ship Owners. Since the 1998 FAITH Marine has accumulated experience of most types of vessel construction in shipyards worldwide, which ensures the Owner's requirements are met, the vessel complies with all applicable regulations as well as being efficient and safe to operate. This service, supplemented by regular reports to the owner, includes:

  • Inspection, evaluation and short listing of Shipyards
  • Negotiation support pre contract
  • Evaluating specifications, equipments and suppliers
  • Plan Approval
  • Project Management
  • Supervision, approval and control of contract change orders
  • Quality control of materials, equipment and workmanship
  • On site supervision of fabrication, construction, and installation
  • Attendance at and supervision of equipment and shop testing
  • Supervision of sea trials and technical acceptance
  • Warranty supervision and support

    Our New Building Supervision provides the owner with a project management team that is complimentary to but independent of regulatory and management functions. This ensures the as built vessel is delivered to their requirements but will also be safe and efficient to operate over its design life span.




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